Practice Test Page

Generate a random overall or unit based physics practice test from our test bank of hundreds of questions. Pick a unit or take an overall assessment and choose 10 or 20 questions.  Take a quick practice test with feedbackClick on the title above each quiz to link back to content for remediation.

Physics Practice Assessment A

Complete First Semester Physics Practice Page

  • Practice for a physics final test that includes the complete first semester physics material seen below.

One Dimensional Motion Practice Page

  • This unit consists of constant motion, accelerated motion, acceleration due to gravity, and motion graphing material for a one dimensional motion test.

Two Dimensional Motion Practice Page

  • Practice for your two dimensional motion test.  This section has problems involving turns and resultants that are not directly on an X or Y axis.  Other problems involve projectile motion where objects going forward but accelerated downwards due to gravity.

Force Physics Practice Page

  • Force causes acceleration and acceleration relates this unit to the previous two.  Practice for your forces test here which is likely broken into less extensive sections.  Net force, force diagrams, friction, tension, spring force, incline planes are all part of this unit.

Circular Motion and Universal Gravitation Practice

Work, Power, and Energy Practice

Impulse and Momentum Practice