One Dimensional Motion

Learn about one dimensional motion and physics basics including the difference between scalars and vectors, making a givens list, and picking equations.

1: Scalars vs Vectors

Start in this first section on scalars and vectors and follow the link at the end of each for the next of the four.  Learn the difference between distance and displacement.  See how those are used to calculate the scalar speed and vector velocity.  Here we will start looking at our first average velocity equation v=d/t.

2: Acceleration and Basic Acceleration Equations

Any equation involving acceleration can be solved using the following equations also found on our equation sheet.

  • vf = vi + at 
  • x = vit + ½ at2
  • vf2=vi2 + 2ax
  • x = ((vi + vf)/2)t

Learn how to make a givens list and pick the right equation here.

3: Acceleration Due to Gravity

When an object is in freefall with no air resistance the acceleration will be a = 9.8 m/sdown.  See the same acceleration equations from before specialized for an object in the air.

4: Motion Graphs

  • Position Time Graphs
  • Velocity Time Graphs