Torque Example Solutions

Solutions to various torque example problems on our StickMan Physics page. Basic torque, force directed at an angle, multiple, and balancing torques.

1. How much torque is created by a 100 N perpendicular force placed 0.45 meters from the fulcrum?


2. How much force would Joe have to apply perpendicular to create 550 Nm of torque 0.20 meters away from the bolt he is trying to loosen?


3. What torque results from a 250 N force 30° from perpendicular on a wrench 0.28 meters away from the bolt?

A) Find the perpendicular component of torque (216.5 N)

B) Find the torque using the perpendicular component of force (61 Nm when rounded to two digits)

Torque 3

Sum of Torques

4. What is the sum of all torques in the system above?

Take each individual torque making the clockwise positive and counterclockwise negative.  Then add all the numbers together and get a sum.  Since the final answer was negative and 8.33 Nm the direction will be counterclockwise.

Sum of torques solution


balanced torques

5. How far away must a 19.6 N weight be placed on the left of a fulcrum to balance a 9.8 N weight 0.4 meters on the right?

balanced torques answer