Work, Power, Mechanical Energy, and Simple Machines

Learn about work, power, mechanical energy, and simple machines. Follow the basic content of each unit and learn to solve example problems.

1: Work and Power

Work is done any time you are transforming one form of energy into another. Power is the rate at which you do work. Learn more and see examples here.

2: Mechanical Energy

Mechanical energy is composed of potential energy which is energy based on an objects location.  Height is the location above the ground for potential energy.  The location can also be the stretch in a bow or rubber band that force is applied to.  Kinetic energy is the energy in an object due to motion.

3: Simple Machines

Simple machines can't be used to create energy. They can be used to multiply force at the expense of distance or distance at the expense of force.  learn about ideal and actual mechanical advantage along with inputs and outputs of force and distance.


Torque was included in our last circular motion unit.  If you are looking for more on torque click here to go to that section.